Iteration 2023.2

We are constantly making Hubert better.
Here are some of the most notable features and improvements that we have made to Hubert since last time.

Edward has been translated to French

With the new release we’ve included the translations of basic functions in French. Now you can feel comfortable working  in your native language.

New Halina parameters and other properties in Photo selectors

We’ve made some changes in the Area Manager’s, and now Photo Selectors‘ tab looks like this:


  1. ApiKey, Selection limit and the checkboxes have been moved to the Product preselection. 
  2. In the Product preselection you can also find the Keywords and tags tab

Photo Selector’s Basic properties.
If TVMan is selected as Automatic selection source, a section called: TVMan selection options should appear below, containing:

  • Checkbox Get foreign sources – false by default
  • Chekbox React to copyright updates – false by default
  • Checkbox Enable cast selector – default false

Halina’s parameters as additional frame properties:

  1. We’ve disconnected the frame definition into Basic and Generation
  2.  In the Generation tab, we’ve placed the parameters of the generator (in this case – Halina) controlling the method of producing the final files.
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