Hubert is an expert in publishing

We have developed Hubert to support our own 350-strong editorial team which produces 40k magazine pages for leading European publishers every month. The Media Press multilingual team is located in 14 countries and manages more than 11m digital assets everyday. Our editors work together online using a centralized data base to significantly accelerate the process and reduce the costs.

Hubert works successfully for several leading European media companies.


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Digital assets

Content management

Content Management System

One storage point enables editors and affiliates to collaborate on-line without the need to host and maintain multiple databases. All types of content come with predefined structures which allows for easy and automatic generation of additional data content and its variations. The Hubert content management system is the ideal solution for creating and editing a variety of content, eg: articles, product catalogues, food and cooking recipes, TV programmes, cinema schedules, sport event schedules etc. What’s more, content is assigned unique IDs, which means that data be managed in a host of multilingual versions.

Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management

Hubert DAM allows companies to maximize the use of copyrighted material and tie images to specific customer contracts. Media files are stored in their original, unaltered formats, which means that you can locate a given source file with ease, while retaining and protecting IP rights as originally assigned. Hubert DAM also detects unwanted duplicate images harvested from different sources, and enables dual files to be merged, at the same time as preserving IP rights. Alterations do not affect rights and changes are tracked. The system also allows customized metadata descriptions to be attached to images.

Multichannel Publishing

Multichannel Publishing System

Hubert allows editors to set up specific workflows for many types of content and to publish to any channel automatically (eg: website, social media, magazine). Hubert works straight out of the box, enabling operators to launch new projects with ease. Much of this process is automatic, based on bespoke master template pages. Data is readily available for Adobe InDesign use, thanks to our automated formatting tool. Pages can be edited concurrently, which means that publication-ready files can be generated, checked and sent directly to the printshop in the desired format with a minimum of fuss.

Create once, publish everywhere!

Publish instantly to your blog, social media and press

Hubert handles the entire publishing process, from data and media gathering, through workflow management and finally to producing the completed file from a range of preferred formats. Pre-selected parameters enable the content to be published either automatically or manually to a variety of media outlets which are best suited to the target channel. By way of a practical example, once an article has been generated it is ready to be published. This can be direct to a blog or as a self-standing insert into a print magazine (without the need for any further editorial input). Hubert can also generate a set of shorter teasers from the finished product, which can be posted on social media channels.

Create multilingual content

Collaborate worldwide and manage the workflow

Aggregate external sources and archives

Add media and manage copyright

Edit pictures and create graphics automatically

Define workflows and generate any outputs

Create, edit and print Adobe InDesign ICML files

Create feeds for web and social media

Hubert is intelligent

Save time and money through machine learning

hubert machine learning

One of the most exciting and groundbreaking features is that Hubert DAM incorporates a machine learning tool, which enables important information to be extracted directly from images. The system scans the selected image for additional available data, such as textual information, facial recognition and automatic identification of people, objects and scenes.


What Hubert A.I. does:

recognizes information in picture tags and extracts key data

detects and plots people and other objects in photos

classifies photo content independently

crops pictures perfectly and automatically, using advanced photo content analysis tool

automatically cuts out people’s profiles from given images

generates automatically title cards and sport event illustrations

(*) The machine learning engine has been originally developed in-house and it is an integrated part of the system.

Cloud or on-premises

The decision is yours

Hubert is a cloud-based solution developed using up-to-date technology, which enables editors to work remotely from any location. We highly recommend you host the system in our secure and efficient cloud infrastructure.  With two data centers located in Germany and Poland, we provide the most effective way of using the system. You do not need to worry about hardware or internet connections. Our engineers take care of everything 24/7. If you prefer, you can use your own data center as one storage point for your entire organization. In both scenarios you can still integrate your own data or external sources.

Hubert cloud on-premise
Hubert Areas

Share your assets and control the access!

Innovative digital asset management

Hubert Areas enables publishers to manage all content centrally, while controlling access according to specific locations, people, clients and affiliates. With Hubert Areas you can share pictures and data easily with your teammates, with your clients and with their clients. You decide who can access certain assets and with which privileges. Furthermore it is all still done in a central database, enabling you to track changes and monitor work progress in real time. This makes Hubert an excellent tool for on-line collaboration and workflow management.

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