Iteration 2023.04

We are constantly making Hubert better.
Here are some of the most notable features and improvements that we have made to Hubert since last release.

New Tina Web

Currently, Tina allows you to work with only one project which can be inconvenient for those using the same standards for each pipeline delivery project. Therefore, we’ve decided to create an entirely new, independent Tina app in which we addressed all your concerns. 
The most important feature in the newest Tina app is the possibility to create global, local or individual pipelines. You can create new Tina projects in the Area Manager’s Product Editor tab (Global). 

Pipeline and Project tab:

[1] Pipeline – a dropdown menu where you can the pipeline that you wish to work on. it should be remembered that projects can be shared between pipelines so the changes you make may have a wider impact than in the old Tina. You can switch to the other pipelines having the same projects by the pin button in the projects list.

[2] All projects filter – this button allows you to view all the projects in the table. In this view, adding new projects has been disabled. You can do so in individual projects. 

[3] All project list – choose the project for which you want to see the rules.

[4] All projects table with
[5] Conditions and Actions
– in this table you can view all the rules that have been created for this project. Choose the one that you want to edit or add condition and action. The panel will open on the right side of the screen.


The tab contains a conditions table with the field, list of operators
(in, equals, empty etc.) and a multiple values field.


Here you can edit actions with the Field, Phrase and Value. You can also choose to record the action or to skip it.

Search bar

On the right side we’ve placed action buttons like Refresh, Save, Add new item, Import items, Export selected items and Delete selected items. The serach panel has been specifically designed for your needs. You can specify your search by choosing a base: Everywhere, User Name, ID, Old ID (referring to the ols tina’s IDs). When you enter a phrase into the search bar, you can expect a wide range of results because it works similarly to the Google search.

You can filter your results by showing only disabled and/or duplicated items.

You can alter columns visibility by showing the ID column and/or showing the project name column.

Issue Manager’s pathway to Tina’s projects

In Issue Manager we’ve added a possibility to open Tina’s projects in the new tab via the button on the right. It can also be opened from the Content Selector.

Language feature unknown removal in Phoboss Admin

In order to determine the number of selectors, we have introduced the option of setting language features in filters and selector strategies: unknown. Adding the option to set an enum representing categorization at the selector level additional options for language features are redundant and we chose to remove them.

Removable tags in Phoboss Controls

In the Mediarecord Tags tab, we’ve added a possibility to:

  • unlock the removal of a group of tags for system tags
  • remove a single system tag

If you do not see the new feature, make sure you have permissions in UAC (Phoboss_UpdateAssignedSystemTag). After adding it successfully, log in again to load permissions.

Photo variants dialog in Package manager

We’ve added a possibility to see the photo while choosing its type in the WEB version of Photo Corrector. 

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