Iteration 2022.11

We are constantly making Hubert better.

Here are some of the most notable features and improvements that we have made to Hubert since the last release.


Phoboss forms optimization 

To make your job easier, we have added new features to Phoboss forms: 
[1] a toolbar with save button and language selection in the top left corner, 
[2] a possibility to personalize your options and pin them to the toolbar 

Additionally, the order of keywords will be determined in Phoboss Admin, and you can choose whether you want them in the left or right column.  

Phoboss control



Upscale limit parameter transfer to Crop

We’ve moved the upscale limit parameter from preselection’s definition to the Crop (frame’s definition). It is now a part of a specific frame and allows you to distinguish the parameter.

Upscale limit

Clone columns flag in the mechanism for automatic synchronization of columns

A new feature has been added to the mechanism for automatic synchronization of columns with a group of channels. The Clone columns flag allows the system to duplicate the canal to each group (with the n postfix in the name). The flag is active only if the group is automatic.

Smart crop flag effacement

We’ve deleted the Use Smart Crop flag from the Product Editor.

Definition navigation button 

In the Photo selectors Levels tab, we’ve added a new button to Phoboss Selection Logic menu. It allows you to quickly move to Phoboss Admin selectors.

APIKEY in preselection parameters


We’ve added APIKEY to the preselection parameters. It allows the automats to log in and access the desired information. In this context the selection operations will be performed using the given preselection’s Smart Crop.

Area settings relocation

From the image selector definition, we’ve deleted the root schema and root area parameters.
Permissions will be controlled via APIKEY at the preselection level.

Preselection mutation

We have replaced a combobox with an ordered list of parent selections. Previously, a preselection mutation had only one parent. However, there are scenarios in which this solution is not sufficient. Instead of a single parent, you can now use a cascade that will be used to compute child selection.

Preselection mutation

Additional “Timeline filter” setting

In the grid editor, you can now add a link to the scheme. In time, it will allow you to filter displayed records. 

Link timeline path


New search fields

In the System Manager, we’ve added a possibility to search by selected fields. 

  • ID
  • IID
  • Sender Id
  • Phoboss ID
  • External ID
New search fields
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