Iteration 2020.01.R6


Definition of REST services in Services & Accounts

We have added tho new REST services:

  1. Photo REST API – these are REST services that receive a binary photo in POST and return JSON
  2. Generic REST API – these are the rest of the services.

Each of them has:
– name
– JSON alias
– endpoint
– optional URL for Swagger definition


Additional ways to visualize editable fields

New functionality has been implemented for the BOOL and ENUM fields displayed in the grid view. It allows the user to display values by:

  • clicked and un-clicked buttons
  • listed values in the case of an ENUM field and a checkbox in the case of a BOOL field

Adding the information about media record language in the photos panel

To help the editors with language captions in the photo, we have added the possibility to show this information in the Attachment panel. We have added the Caption Language display function that is set on the photos in Phoboss to the new photo panel.

Phoboss in the browser

From now on, the user can open Phoboss from the Content Selector level in the web version in the browser.

After pressing the options such as File details, Edit file, Upload new file, Search for files in the Photo tab in the web Content Selector, Phoboss will appear in the web version.

Advanced preselection control panel

We have added a new Preselections tab to the web Content Selector for better control of selected photos for preselection. In this tab, you can check:

  • what the photo selection looks like for a single preselection
  • what is the photo selection for cascades::
    • the cascade result
    • the preselection window, which is the highest in the cascade
    • another preselection in a cascade
    • another cascade visible in the profile 
  • what the individual frames look like for the fixed size and fixed aspect preselections (such selections can have several frames in one preselection definition)
    • preselection result photo
    • a different frame from the definition of preselection with the name displayed above box 1
  • which photo is selected for the preselection with the order (max photos > 1)

The new Preselections tab allows you to select photos for preselection using Drag&Drop from the Photo tab.


New visualization of BOOL and ENUM fields

In reference to the above change, we have added two new ways to visualize BOOL and ENUM fields in Edit Views forms.

  1. Toggle (for boolean fields) – NOTE: this control has no label on the form, the correct label is placed in the toggle
  2. RadioToggle (for ENUM fields) – label is optional here


Making the action model more flexible for the content and attachments

In the action definition panel we have added:

  • the possibility to select the root scheme,
  • the ability to choose the linking vector that will set the target scheme (the target scheme can be equal to the root one, i.e. the vector can have only one element),
  • the ability to select a mapper form the target schema.

The action will be visible at Content Selector:

  1. at the content level, if the current root schema in CS will be the target schema defined above lying on the defined path (this is crucial, especially in the view of nested links)
  2. at the attachment level, for all attachment levels seen from the target scheme (i.e. if the target scheme is a tv-event, actions are executable for photos and files also connected to tv-content, tv-season, tv-base-content etc but mapper still is performed in the context of a tv-event)



The reset function allows us to remove all the preselections that have been selected so far in the Hubert system. At the same time, it checks and updates parameters in the preselection definition.


Automatically set photo tags

We have added the following functionalities to the current tag group mechanism:

    1. Possibility of defining tags for groups, n number of websites to be queried when generating tags. For each of them, we define:
      – a unique namespace
      – service – selected from the list of services in Services & Accounts
    2. Possibility to define a Python script which will receive a list of stanzas from defined services as input, analyze them and generate appropriate tags based on them.


Export of preselections information for mapper exports

Initially, we assumed that for mapper exports of preselections information will be exported using the mapper. However, with a constant increase of selections and information about photos required by photo reports, we have decided that it would be more suitable to also implement the functionality in the above-mentioned exports similar to the one in the Preselections panel.

Therefore, we have enabled the export of information about selections in mapper exports:
– for CONTENT – this applies to selections picked in the Products panel
– for PRODUCT – all selections related to the product
Adding to that we have unlocked the Preselections form.


Additional parameters in the grid profile

We have added the option to choose the visualization of fields in the grid to the profile of the grid.

The available options are:

  • COMBOBOX – it allows for displaying a list of values for ENUM fields, and for displaying a checkbox for BOOL fields
  • RADIOTOGGLE – it allows for displaying field values as buttons


Additional ways to visualize fields (WEb CS only)

We have added two new ways to visualize BOOL and ENUM fields in record edit forms:

  1. Toggle (for BOOL fields) – NOTE: this one has no label on the form, the correct label is placed in the toggle
  2. RadioToggle (for ENUM fields) – label is optional here

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