Iteration 2019.02.R2

Content Selector 

Improvements in photo selections

Within preselection, the user can select more than 1 photo (parameter Max number of photos in the preselection definition is responsible for it). To make work with such configuration more efficient following features have been implemented:

Example of photo selection with max number of photos = 3.

  • Selected photos column in the grid preview shows placeholders corresponding to max photos number;
  • Order number has been placed inside a diamond icon of the preselection;

Product Editor

Migration to the web version 

From now on Product Editor is also accessible in the web version within Area Manager.

Changes in the configuration that will be done in the web Product Editor will be also visible in the Silverlight version. It works the same the other way round.

Permission Aloha_Module_AreaManager_ProductEditor is required.

Area Manager

Preselections/Rubrics editor – migration to the web version

Both tabs are accessible within Area Manager. Following permissions are required: Aloha_Module_AreaManager_Preselections, Aloha_Module_AreaManager_Rubrics

Preselections – additional features

New properties have been added to the preselection configuration.

1. Show header – the photo placeholder in the selected photo column may have its header with preselection name;


2. Parameters used by Imogene while generating photos:

  • Max output file size;
  • Min output file quality (0 – 100);
  • Default file format;


Permissions on a customer level

New level for setting permissions has been implemented.
Now it is possible to grant specific permissions on the customer level.

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