Iteration 2019.02.R1


Trampoline in a web browser

All web applications available in the Silverlight version of Trampoline can be reached via the web browser. Plugin functionality is not supported.


Possibility to change photo selection in the structure view 

In specific situations, the user will be able to change the photo selection assigned to the photo frame using a combo box in the Frame properties tab.

Content Selector (Web) – User experience improvements

Channel filter

From now on channel column in the Content Selector’s grid has built-in filter functionality.

Selected photos – adjust the image size in grid 

Users can choose one of the 3 previews sizes in Selected photos column.

Local workspace customization 

Height/width of particular widgets is locally cached in the user’s browser. It will improve work on different screen resolutions using one default workspace.

Examples below show the advantage of this solution.

Full HD screen (1920x1080px)

and UWQHD (3440×1440)

Record info – improvements

1. Possibility to search by record external ID.

2. ProductId context is no longer needed to open data of a particular record. Now, it is based on users permissions.

3. Open photos in the Phoboss application directly from Media records tab.

4. Possibility to open the specific record by schema/record external id.

The pattern of usage:

Issue Manager

Set a deadline for particular pages

Users are able to set a specific deadline for sending pages directly from Issue Manager.

Visualisation Editor 

Migration to the web and the end of Silverlight version

Visualisation Editor is available now as a web application within Area Manager. Silverlight version became obsolete and is no longer supported.

Permission Aloha_Module_AreaManager_VisualisationEditor is required to access new version of Visualisation Editor.


YOLA – facial and content identification

Phoboss database has been enhanced with content describing photos more precisely. AI technology is now responsible for analyzing and describing photos. It takes facial recognition and content identification to the next level to make the best use of our vast collection of images efficiently in the production process.

Detailed information about AI solution you will find in the article below written by our System Architect Rafał Fagas.

We wish you a pleasant reading.

Due to implemented improvements mentioned above Phoboss app has been upgraded accordingly. Virtual Content tab presents results of Yola service.

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