The Hubert System from Media Press is the complete one-stop, multi-channel publishing solution managing descriptive data for virtually any type of entertainment content.


Built to benefit; it consists 3 large inventions:
Hubert DAM (Phoboss) – Digital Asset Management
Hubert AI (Yola) – AI and Machine-Learning services
Hubert CMS – Content Management System


Publishing your story has never been easier


Metadata and TV&Radio services, content and digital asset managements, tagging services with metadata solutions – everything in one place.
Join the growing number of companies reaping the benefits of Hubert.
Access the cloud from anywhere in the world, edit and collaborate as one, and maximise your publication output.


Swiftly produce multi-channel content in a system designed for both electronic and print publication.


Anywhere, anytime

Flexibility is paramount in today’s world. Give your editorial team the freedom they require; access the system from any location in the world and ensure operational output is unaffected by circumstances beyond your control. We understand the importance of continuity, especially in the current climate, and our clients’ production has been unaffected during the ongoing pandemic.

Cost-effective integration with InDesign and InCopy

Hubert’s integration with Adobe InDesign and InCopy significantly reduces your costs; you do not need to source expensive InDesign software. Communication with these programs is dynamic, and every change made in the Hubert system is automatically available in the DTP program.

Reassuring recovery

With our server infrastructure spread across Europe – our servers are located in Katowice, Krakow and Berlin – your content is securely protected. Primarily for storing and sharing multimedia, we also use external providers, such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Control the content that frequently changes

The ability to manage both structured and frequently changing content is what distinguishes Hubert from other systems. Weather forecasts, television programmes, stock market data, or any other varying items, can be easily altered and enhanced.

Cut out the middleman

The entire publishing process is managed by Hubert, from material acquisition to final publication, whether in digital or printed media – this includes the content of articles, photos and other multimedia. Bypass time-wasting third parties and increase your productivity.

Reliable security

Assume control with Hubert’s endorsed security. Access to the cloud-based system is via a small application installed locally on the Hubert Trampoline workstation; only specific and approved users can access the system. The Trampoline application also automatically updates all system components, without user involvement.

Designed for metadata management

Hubert is meticulously designed to manage the data behind the content; the metadata. Managing your content is quick, easy and hassle-free. Various types of content can be published in any format and freely combined with each other.

Create once, publish everywhere

Eradicate duplication and arduous reformatting. Automatically push your content to websites, social media pages, applications, or straight to print in PDF format.