Hubert DAM (Phoboss) is a powerful digital asset management system, integrated with Hubert, that allows you to store your photos and movies, add descriptions automatically or semi-automatically using a flexible keyword system and then apply them within the production process. Given that Phoboss and Hubert are integrated, it is an easy and efficient way to search for and link images to Hubert-generated content.

Functional, efficient, accessible.




As an editor, you need to think about how to improve publishing production workflows – no matter whether you work in print, on the web or in any other medium. You will value all that HUBERT offers with its Digital Asset Management tool PHOBOSS.


Auto cropping

Thanks to the integration with YOLA AI, Phoboss instantly analyses the photo frame, allowing for reliable, automatic cropping to any given format, and ensuring you don’t lose important elements of the photo. The AI algorithm recognises the content of the photo and saves the information in tags; find the photo you need with just a simple search.

Automatic image selection

Phoboss automatically assigns the optimal image for specific content. The system’s advanced search finds the optimal photo based on criteria such as size, resolution, proportions, and license restrictions.

Copyright management

Phoboss allows you to edit the license rights assigned to a given material and publish it in a copyrighted manner. Guarantee legal security by removing the ambiguity of licensing rights, and ensure the material you publish is permittable.

No matter where you are

The whole Phoboss system is based on a secure cloud data environment which means that it could be used from anywhere. Work from office, home or on the desert island – you can be on your own but still use our solution

The annihilation of duplication

Do away with file hoarding and photoduplication. Phoboss recognises photos with identical or similar characteristics and automatically organises them under a single identifier. Save yourself endless hours of sorting and trawling and let Phoboss propose the photos’ grouping.

Save the budget

Phoboss frees the users from having to invest in any high-priced expenditure – external servers, employing database administrators or complex VPN configuration.