Hubert CMS (Content Management System) is an integral aspect of Hubert, providing you with the freedom to manage your own content. Users can store, share and jointly edit articles, as well as any content based on structured data, such as television programmes, cinema and theatre features, stock market data, and more.

Functional, efficient, accessible.



We live in a time of over-production – we over-produce electronics, commodity items, cars but most of all we over-produce information. And we belong in an age in which everybody has a decent camera in their pocket. And a photograph is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes – so it should not come as a surprise that over-production of images is overwhelming.


Manage your content from anywhere in the world

The system’s advanced architecture allows editors to access Hubert CMS from any location, anytime. This provides in-house editorial teams, as well as outsourced freelancers, the freedom to work from where they are, regardless of time zones. Each user is granted selective permissions; you control the content your team can access.

Integration with InDesign and InCopy

Organise your workflow efficiently within the InDesign platform. Hubert enables you to open new issues automatically, each based on your master template pages. Format your data for InDesign use with our powerful and automated formatting tool, edit the pages concurrently, produce publication-ready files, and send them to the printshop in the desired format. Many versions of InDesign and InCopy are supported, from CS4 up to CC.

Efficiently manage your publishing process

Hubert CMS gives you complete control over the entire publishing process. Install an orderly workflow that improves the cooperation of your editorial team, increasing productivity and ultimately results. Whether it’s obtaining external materials, selecting the right content, editing media, creating printed magazine pages, or generating output files in any format, you control each stage of the publishing process.

Ready to go global

Our content management and production systems welcome content in multiple languages. The product definitions can also include the appropriate time-zone of the target publication. Use Hubert as a production and data asset tool in multiple offices around the globe.

Working in tandem - a platform for collaboration

Hubert CMS is designed for users to work both individually and collectively. Share content and resources, co-create articles, complete magazines, and collaborate as a team. Throughout the publishing process, editors control the progress of work and manage the workflow.