HUBERT AI (YOLA) uses artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) mechanisms for advanced graphic material analysis. YOLA AI System is fully integrated with Phoboss, but also functions as an independent service. We can entrust computers to analyze and describe photos – it is just a matter of developing the hardware and software to enable machines to keep track of the avalanche of visual information

Functional, efficient, accessible.



Obtaining the photograph is no longer a problem. The thorny question is – how to make the best use of our vast collection of images efficiently in the production process? How do we find anything in this ever-growing giant haystack while no-one is able to keep up with the news and no-one is able to bring any order to the collection of images?


Image composition and framing detection

YOLA analyses the content of the photo and the composition of the frame to identify the areas of the photo that are important, allowing you to frame the image automatically without fear of losing important elements.

Image quality improvement

YOLA’s advanced neural network upscales images with lower resolution, ensuring your photos are of optimal quality and at the resolution you require.

Access via API

The Yola system can be accessed via the API, which significantly speeds up the process of analysing images uploaded in bulk.

Instant labelling of famous faces

With built-in machine learning, and a huge archive of film and television-related photos, YOLA instantly identifies and labels well-known faces, whether film stars, TV actors, iconic characters, you name it (except in this case, YOLA does).

Facial recognition and object detection

YOLA does the hard work so you don’t have to. The system automatically recognises faces in pictures, allowing for easy identification, sorting, and the generation of profile photos. The same applies with object detection; whether it’s vehicles, animals, clothing, or anything else, the built-in software instantly recognises the photo’s content.

Automatically generate posters

Generate posters quickly and automatically. Simply select the desired background photo and corresponding text; the system automatically detects the optimal location for the text to be superimposed – ideal for creating title cards.

Detection of erotica, violence, drugs

An extremely useful feature for publishers who apply restrictions on the publication of adult material, or material which must be restricted. The system automatically detects associated content according to accepted criteria, such as nudity, violence, alcohol, cigarettes or drugs. Ensure the risk of inappropriate content being published is greatly reduced, and protect yourself from liability in this respect.