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In this release, we unveil further improvements and features to Issue Manager. Herewith we hope to bring module usability to a higher level. Edward: we introduce drag&drop to Edward photo panel. Photos from local disc can be scaled. During photo scaling page preview it's being shown. Our start-up application Trampoline has been revamped.  We introduce user settings where preferred languages and date format can be set. Phoboss photos have undergone some visual enhancements. Photo search results can be narrowed by tags to get more accurate results. There is also a new modern view to present search results. In Content Selector, we introduce rich-text editor to pre-format text. In InDesign, we give the possibility to create an article from scratch and upload it to Hubert. Beyond this, we did minor optimizations to bring usability to a higher level. Read further for more details!


This release brings many powerful enhancements to photo panel and photo search (e.g. advanced search). We introduce also local applications in Trampoline. Advanced photo search enables you to find specific photo faster, photo copyrights can be edited and inserted and photo sorting is available for user. Our system start-up app Trampoline is able to launch external software (InCopy) also. Users will be satisfied about possibility to check photo package processing state. Graphic designers can configure Photoshop to make it work with Package Manager module. For admins we implemented group category to ease managing big amounts of groups in UAC. Opening pages from printshop module and quick acess to Phoboss withhin Trampoline is available. Please read whole release notes to check full list of released features in Hubert!


In this major Hubert release we introduce Trampoline - the startup module for entire Hubert system family. We also introduce new photo search engine returning immediate results, improved photo upload, extended photo filter possibilities, and media record to reduce photo data amount. We have integrated detailed view into Issue Manager to manage page elements and we introduce articles and provide control over article production state within InCopy level. We integrated pagination and layers management into Issue Manager also. To quickly find certain page a search box was developed. Filter possibilities were extended by regional version. For administrators we have built management utility from scratch - User Access Control and we introduce Phoboss administrative panel to manage photo quality filters, keywords and color profiles.


In this major release of Hubert system we introduce completely new search engine, native support for advertisement placing, access to the backup PDF versions of the pages, new robust grid configuration in Content Selector and powerful preview of the pages in the Issue Manager. We also introduce the new checks before page is sent to the printshop, server-based printout of the pages and a handful of usability improvements throughout the system. On administrative side we introduce global CS profile management, revamped and simplified LACD configuration and a lot of other new features.


In this release we unveil the second generation of our new Issue Management module with a lot of additional features and optimizations. There is also new filter panel in Content Selector, allowing you to group long lists of filters and negate the filters. There is also couple of optimizations within the record editing and rubric selection workflows and new, enhanced report about paid photos. However most of the changes in this release is connected to user management and permissions - we now have a brand new, web-based user management module and more straightforward system of assigning the rights. We have also made it easier to manage the content selector filters visibility, there is a new mechanism of initializing new record content and configuring the report about paid photos.


In this release: brand new and reinvented issue manager in Hubert. New, simplified rubric synchronizer. Searching for links directly from editing form. Manual refresh of record list in Content Selector. Additional options for editing the data from Media-Press stream (for customer-own installations only) and reverting them. And last but not least: Hubert plugin now automatically switches between Hubert installations. For admins: simplifications and new options in LACD, new options in editing forms, simplified management of linking profiles and modification filters, enhanced support for VOD-like channels and brand new export interface Oxana.


In this release, besides of the bunch of bug fixes and performance optimizations, we deliver couple of interesting new functions. Users can now edit the data directly from new panel in Edward, in context of the InDesign/InCopy production. This release also includes a lot of changes and improvements in the Phil area: possibility to define tags on global level, import and export of export definitions, possibility of denormalization of field sequences and more. This release also introduces the new concept of story type.


This release is mainly the bugfixing release but we have managed to deliver some additional functionality. There is now a new column in Content Selector showing the photos selected for the record, you can search and upload photos to the record in Edward and the photo placement in InDesign has been streamlined. There is also the new type of photo mutation to support bulk photo selections for multiple products and new mapping selector to make it easier to place the legends in the layout.


A lot of UI improvements in Issue Viewer, Tina and Content Selector. Multiedition of photo metadata. Vastly improved Package Manager module for easier photo correction. Data forks for independent data editing. For admins - improvements in Mark and Visualisation Editor, Phil is now able to generate ICML tables with content and virtual frames for preselection of photos for Web.


In this release: new, quicker Edward, a lot of enhancements in Detailed view of Issue Viewer - easy rubric operations and jumping between parent and child in the mutation.  Multiselection and other enhancements in photos and additional control of the mutation jobs before your pages are prepared for final output. For Admins: new, rewritten Phil output provider for ICML, total control over modification presentation, permissions on the schema fields, read-only access to the system, new rubric type, new channel types and rewritten definition of data searching.


This release brings a lot of improvements in the area of photo display and selection. It also brings revamped InDesign/InCopy keyboard shortcut synchronisation, brand new bulk record copy and move operations, further enhancements in the project publishing mechanisms in Phil, new native Hubert 3 typology mechanism and alternative, easier regional channel handling. It also bring a lot of performance related improvements and bunch of bug fixes.


In this release we introduce a couple of new major functionalities - there is a new keyboard layout synchronization feature in Hubert plugin, editing forms can be automatically filled in with data, Phil projects are finally published and versioned to give the Admins a better control over the changes. Also the Visualisation Editor has been improved. We also introduce a couple of experimental opt-in features like the cache in Edward to speed up the refreshes and new rewritten Mark 3.5 module with extra options. Plus of course a lot of bugfixes and performance improvements in different areas. 


In this release: completely rewritten photo upload module - now with automatic photo description, enhanced workflow status overview, downloading of the output file in Issue Manager, new forms active also in the grid view of Content Selector, photo upload scripting and the products with the mutation switched off by default.


In this release: completely rewritten and redesigned form subsystem, ticketing system (Mantis) integration in Hubert and Edward, manual download of files from graphic libraries, easy pagination in Issue Viewer, safe paragraph mode in plugin, filters on photos (attachments), new technical view of the record and more.


In this release: New condition set palette in Edward, deleting the user comments, condition set grouping, default values of fields, fast field based filters, new alerts in Longinus and a lot of bug fixes and performance improvements. 


W tej odsłone systemu wprowadzamy zmiany w widoku modyfikacji (Edward), wprowadzamy grupowanie modyfikacji, nową obsługę stylów InDesingn'owych, możliwości eksportu/importu fragmentów drzewka Philowego. Przyspieszyliśmy również system i zwiększyliśmy również jego stabilność .


In this release: major change in the visualisation of modifications in Edward - simplified view, new commenting subsystem in Hubert, hiding the "gray" changes in Edward, direct jump from Edward to the record in Content Selector, enhanced adding/removing of the records in Content Selector and new data matcher for matching/linking the user data with media-press data. What's more - Hubert system becomes scalable in this release - couple of Hubert servers can now concurrently creating the farm of servers.


In this release: multiselection in condition sets, control over automatic tags in Edward, directly placing photos on the InDesign page, safe tag mode in plugin, safe reframing of the photo in mutated products, library of graphical elements available in Edward, preselection mutations and many many more. Plus of course a bunch of bugfixes. 


In this release: joining/splitting records in Edward, "Do All" buttons, unmutate/remutate/mutate buttons for segment and issue, photo tab in Edward now can float, redesigned Issue Manager grid with new options, new mapping editor, selector for getting the info about record's history and massive performance enchancements. 


In this release: quick synchronization mode for quicker InDesign page opening, library of graphical elements to organize the frequently used banners and icons, photo preselection synchronization, floating rubric panel, filtering by layout type in Content Selector, enhancements to photo handling in details view of Issue Viewer, improved links tab in Content Selector, redesigned Job Viewer and more. Plus of course bug fixes.